Rummy Nose Tetras and PH?

Gold Coast
My Ph level is at 7.8. Reading most about these fish say ph should be at 6.5 to
7.0. I have had other fish that like a lower ph and never had a problem with 7.8.
I know some say fish will adapt to ph levels but I do not want to buy them if they are not going to survive. They would be going into a 75 gallon tank. I have 20ppm nitrates right out of my well. I do weekly water changes and clean the filter at the same time weekly. I have Blood Fin Tetras and Guppies and 1 Angel fish and Cory cats in my other tank and they have no problems with the water. x
They should do just fine in there if acclimated well.

I've had Rummies in 7.6 pH water and they survived for a healty 9 months until I got rid of them.

Just do a drip acclimation for around 2-3 hours and they should be alright to add to the tank.

Like you said, any fish can adapt to new water. Just have to introduce/acclimate them into the tank the right way.

Good Luck.
Fish will adapt to any pH between 6.0-8.0 if acclimated right. However, my experiences with rummies is that they are incredibly sensitive and die even in an established tank. JME

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