Rummy nose problems.

First let me start by asking how fragile are rummy nose tetras? I have a 29 gallon all set up and ready so I wanted to put some rummys in it in which they assured me would be fine for the first fish. I got seven and on the way home they were pale naturally. The moment I put the bag to float they all started laying on the side, I thought maybe the new filter electrocuted them. I returned both the fish and filter, exchanging the remains for different rummys. I drip acclimated them, a couple of them were acting funky, when I put them in the aquarium they all died. I put a couple from my feeder tank in there, and they are doing swimmingly. I did notice there guild became quite red before dying. Now I don't want to go back to the pet store with this news because the first time they treated me like an idiot, so I don't know what to do.
Viriam Karo
Hello quinn! Welcome to Fishlore. Sorry to hear of your losses--rummynoses are such beautiful fish.

Do you happen to know the parameters of your water? Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH, and temp?
I've only owned 6 and they were all very sensitive and died within 2 weeks. 2 just from the move from the LFS to my tank (I acclimated properly). Then others during a small outbreak of ich (that I think they may have brought).

Mine were juveniles and I could have had a "bad batch" but I have read and heard from others that they are very sensitive.

Sorry about yours. I ended up going with lemon tetras and I'm happy with them.

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