rummy nose colors -- white/yellow?


I bought 3 rummy noses from one of my favorite LFSes. Then on a different day, I bought another 6 from another LFS. The original trio are rather a cool gray in the body and the whites in their tail are a pretty crisp white. The 6, however, are yellow tinged all over over the body (picture the trio but lemon flavored). The "white" parts of their stripes at the tail are markedly yellow as well. The trio appear to have more red as well, but since I just acclimated the 6 tonight, it may be because they've spent more time in the tank. When I was floating the bag with the 6, they looked very stressed and had just about no red.

I'm wondering what the white/yellow differences are a sign of. Is it normal because they're simply different stock? A sign that I have two species (some combination of H. rhodostomus, H. bleheri, or P. georgiae)? Something else?


Sounds like you have two different species. I would guess that the grey body ones are true Rummynoses (H. Bleheri) & that the yellow bodys are False Rummynoses (P. Georgiae). The lack of redness probably is stress like you suspect. If there is a marked difference in age there will be a difference in how red they are to. I've noticed that when I've had Rummynoses in a tank & then a year or so later added more. The younger ones are never as red until they get fully mature as well.

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