Ruby Barbs -----> Sharing a few thoughts (Probably Overthinking and rambling)

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    I adore Ruby Barbs (I'm honestly obsessed) and so when my two males coloured up really nicely, I was so happy. They are both absolutely full of life! However, I've also noticed a few things which I'd like to share:

    Before I bought the three new rubies to up the size of the existing group, I had three females (unfortunately the three others that were with them died a year after I got them). I noticed, when I still had the six females, that in an all female group they didn't really seem to have a hierarchy and just grouped together--females are quite social in comparison to the males. However, since I added the males, it seems to have driven the formation of a strict hierarchy with one dominant male out of the two. The dominant male will chase round the females in search of an eligible mate and chase away the other male if he even approaches one of 'his' females. It's kind of similar in my opinion to the structure of lion pride where there is one dominant male and many females who all stick together. Also if the non-dominant male decides to challenge the dominant male's position in the group, they will spread their fins to make themselves look a large as possible, circle each other and attempt to nip one another's fins (the loser in these quarrels often comes away with a fair nip to the caudal fin).

    On the other hand, if kept in an all male group, the males are slightly more docile as there are no females to squabble over. Of course, quarrels will still break out occasionally, but fewer than if females are present.

    Sorry for such a long post, just thought I'd share a few ideas that had been floating around my head this morning. Perhaps I overthought a bit here and rambled. Feel free to share your own experiences or to tell me that I am completely wrong :D
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    Good info :)