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    i no this question has probably already been asked before so sorry in advance. i recently setup a tank got the water right (PH GH KH etc) and put some fish in they have been in for about 2 weeks and today i came home to see all 3 of my rosy barbs rubbing against a plant. i no it is probably ich after some research but i tested the water and ammonia is at 2ppm (on its way down now) as the tank is cycling and i was wondering if water conditions may be causing this as all 3 fish started this behaviour on the same day its only one plant they rub on and they seem to be copying each other and all doing it at the same time all are still eating and swimming same as the first day i got them any adivce or help would be great
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    Welcome to fishlore :;hi2

    Most definitely could be ammonia poisoning as your tank is still cycling.

    The advice you're most likely to receive here is as follows:

    Dose the tank with Seachem Prime to detox the ammonia
    Dose the tank with Tetra Safe Start (TSS), which is designed to help kick start the cycle (there is still debate on this forum about Seachem Stability, but definitely don't use Nutrafin Cycle)
    here's a link to some research I did on Stability and other user member comments:
    Start a daily regime of 25%-50% water changes, dosing with Prime and TSS until Ammonia = 0, NitrIte = 0, NitrAte = 0-10ppm
    And read up on

    Hang in there, and be patient. We've all been there, and we've all done it, so no-one here will crucify you ;), and most importantly, we're all here to help each other.

    HTH, good luck!
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    refer to my response in your other posting :)

    The best thing about Fishlore, you don't need to post multiple times, the members here will generally always see it :;hf and generally respond in record time ;) [as we tend to look at the 'new posts' link at the top of the forum.
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    Good morning Waacck,

    I've merged your duplicate threads. Having more than one thread on the same subject can be very confusing to other members. Please only post 1 thread per topic.
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    thanks yeh i thought it might be something to do with water as all fish started behaving weird at the same time thanks for your help and sorry for the repeat post my internet scanner blocks everypage on this site and i have to unblock thought i didnt post it first time thanks for the help
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    Hi Ken, you can delete my second posting, as it basically advised the same thing ;)