Rubbernose Pleco

  1. A

    Anthony DiMezza Valued Member Member

    have a rubberlip pleco thats going to by himself after i get rid of my goldies, what kind of fish are good with rubberlip's?

    i know it says rubbernose in the forum but i just messed up its a rubber lip and also keep in mind its only a 10 gallon tank
  2. Goldiemom

    Goldiemom Well Known Member Member

    A 10 is pretty small for even a rubberlip. It can get up to 4". If anyway possible, I would upgrade to a 20G long. That being said, I have a bristlenose but they are suppose to be compatible with the same fish. I have one in my goldie tank and one in my tropical tank which houses neon tetras, guppies, and platy's. The tetra's would do great in a 20 long. Hope this helps some.
  3. Hunterhusker

    Hunterhusker Valued Member Member

    I have my rubber lip in a betta sorority with fish from failed tanks as far as I've seen he is the bully and so he wont get hurt. I have a singly cory cat from a failed school that I have given up on. Im 1 for 12 on cories. I also have white cloud minnows and some cherry barbs, and two kuhli loaches. Oh and some amano shrimo.
  4. OP

    Anthony DiMezza Valued Member Member

    cant you only keep one betta in a tank at a time cause of there aggrestion though?
  5. NLindsey921

    NLindsey921 Well Known Member Member

    Female Bettas can sometimes be kept in groups of 6 or more but specific conditions need to be met.
  6. Hunterhusker

    Hunterhusker Valued Member Member

    No females are less aggressive. Some are more aggressive and so if you set up a sorority be ready to take one back or rehome it. I started with four one git sick and died, but my tank is healthy. Female bettas really make a good tank. They should be in 3+, 4 is great and even more is better.