Rubber Mouth Pleco

  1. tomb Initiate Member

    We have had our 'Bulldog' pleco for about 10 months now it is about 3 or 4 iches long. I know we are meant to feed it more vegitables and have been trying for a while and as far as we know he hasnt touched them at all. Any advise? He eats the algue on the tank and the pleco pellets but im guessing this isnt the best thing in the long term
  2. abcdefghi Member Member

    Do you give him algae wafers as well? I used to have one and he would eat vegetables, typically cucumber, but for the most part he grazed on algae anywhere he could find it.
  3. tomb Initiate Member

    Yes he gets algae wafers too but again insire how much he gets as mollys and weather loaches are more confident and get first dibs usually
  4. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    Try to feed it some bloodworms aso.

    Mine Godzilla aka Sarah is 95% carnivorious. Info isn't quote accurate about that.

    Here it is trying to get to freezedried brineshrimp