Royal Pleco Died

Discussion in 'Pleco - Plecostomus' started by cm11599ps, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. cm11599ps

    cm11599ps Well Known Member Member

    I only got him about a month or 2 ago and he is about 4" long. For the first few weeks he was a permanent fixture on my driftwood. I also dropped a few algae wafers in a few times a week before going to bed.

    For the past week or so he's been hanging on the glass or the filter intake and I haven't seen him near the wood. Today he's floating.

    It's a shame because I really liked him. In 20+ years of fishkeeping he was the first non-common pleco I bought.

    Everyone else is actually doing fine. It's a shame.
  2. B

    Borisbbadd Guest

    Sorry you lost him.......:(
  3. OP

    cm11599ps Well Known Member Member


    I'm wondering if maybe he got attacked. All my fish lived more or less peacefully until I got a Green Terror. A week or two later my Oscar got attacked pretty badly and has been in a QT ever since.

    For what it's worth, the Royal Plecos eyes were missing and there were some scales missing along the back but I can't say if it was before or after he died.
  4. bolivianbaby

    bolivianbaby Fishlore Legend Member

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Green Terrors are pretty aggressive fish, so he may be the culprit, but I can't say for sure.
  5. d

    dee34 Valued Member Member

    :;fr:;fg:;fb:;fsorry for ur loss , royal plecos are great .
  6. C

    Charlene Valued Member Member

    My partner has a royal plec.

    S/he is kept with angels untill gets bigger as it will be going in with Oscars.

    With what you have discribed, sounds like it was bullied by the Green Terror. Not owned any Green Terrors but have been told they can be quite aggressive. Being 4" long, I'm not surprised that the plec has pasted and I'm sorry for your loss, really I am.
    Needs to be a good decent size to defend itself from big cichlids, for example 6"+.

    These plecs are specilised and need good water flow, wood (which you had) and wafers (again which you done). Sometimes a little bit of courgette or zuccini (depending on where you live) goes a long way for this plec.

    If you decide to get another plec, read up on what it eats and what requirements it will need.

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