Royal clown loach

King Dojo

Dose any one know eny thing about this intresting fish


The Royal Clown loach seems to be a very shy species of fish, which only comes out when it smells food or during the night. It has a yellowish body with black markings on it. Its tail is bright red with black markings on it. Its head is grayish blue, and swims similar to an eel or a KhulI Loach. Mostly they only eats live earthworms, and on occasions frozen bloodworms. They are not aggressive at all and can reach a size of 8 inches in length. A temperature of around 80 degrees is needed and a pH (Potential of hardness) of 6.8-7.2. They are a great and fascinating loach to keep.

Theres a pic but its not a very nice one...trapped in a small tank for picture takings only and to measure its size so don't worry

YoYo The Wise

there are cool fish and I don't like them hahhahah

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