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    Hi, i'm wondering how much of rowaphos should I use for 120 gallon display tank and 50 gallon sump tank in TLF phosban 150?

    Besides, during my 1st day of tank set up, can I run rowaphos while cycling or run it after complete cycle?
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    Hi Billy,
    I wouldn't use Rowaphos while cycling. Theoretically, you shouldn't have much Phosphate during this stage anyway, as phosphate is typically a result of uneaten food and the like.

    As for how much to use, read both the instructions for the TLF reactor and the Rowaphos. I use Rowa in a TLF 150 when I need it, but can't remember how much I use. Also, make sure the feed pump is adequately rated, again, can't remember the recommended pump size, but it's in the instructions for the TLF.

    The reactor instructions give a guide on the min and max levels to run. And the Rowaphos instructions encourage rinsing of the media if being used in a reactor - I highly advise you to rinse it as instructed (speaking from experience)

    My other bit of advice, start with the minimum amount, and work your way up till you get the levels you want for PO4. The RP instructions advice to measure from the reactor output. If it's still 0 coming out of the reactor, the media is still working. When you get readings >0, that's when the media is exhausted.

    For two reasons,
    1) RP is very effective and can shock a system by reducing PO4 too quickly (especially a reef system)
    2) RP is expensive (compared to other GFO), so use only what you need.

    EDIT: You might find the TLF 150 is too small to hold enough media for that size tank :;dk Only time will tell.
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    thanks for the reply, really informative. Anyway, what's about the movement inside the reactor? Should it have a very slow movement like almost still?

    Besides, another question which out of this topic, can I cycle my tank together with chaeto on the first day?
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    Anyone can help?

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