Round Two - Nerite Snails


So I have a divided 5.5 gallon tank with a male betta on each side. All my parameters are perfect. Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 0 PH 7.2 Temp. - 76
Well a couple months ago I purchased a zebra nerite and in about a month he died. I put him on the side of the tank with my least aggressive betta and my betta never even gave him a second look. Pretty much ignored him. I have another zebra nerite coming in the mail but I'm worried because I don't want this one to died as well. Any suggestions as to why my 1st snail died and what I can do to keep my new one in tip-top shape?


Do you have live plants or has your tank lost its cycle? There should be measurable nitrates. If not cycled, this could explain why the snail died.

Acclimate the new snail, and monitor water parameters.


What should normal nitrates range in a cycled tank? I've had this tank up and running since 2009 so I'm pretty sure it's cycled but unless like you said I lost it. Would doing too large of a water change cause me to lose my cycle?


A 100% water change will not affect a tank's cycle. But over cleaning can. A cycled tank will always have measurable nitrates as this is the end result of the nitrogen cycle. And, a healthy tank will have less than 20PPM. The only exception to this is having a heavily planted tank.

Are you using an API Nitrate Test? If so, beat the #2 bottle against a counter. This reagent can be difficult to mix together to get a good result.

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