Rotting Wood??

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    Ive had tgis wood for a long time, but i kept it at my pond, recently i tied moss to it and put it in an aquarium, for some reasons the wood suddenly have like white cottons on the branches, its not algae.. i need information on what it is and whether to change wood types or just a normal thing.. also it seems to have roots coming out from the base of the branche, and this wood has been cut for 3 years.. is it possible to live??
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    I honestly have no idea if it's good or bad. I threw some branches in my tank and not only are they putting down roots, there's new leaves!! But I have no idea what that fuzzy stuff is. Mine was where ever I had cut a beach off, the nub would get a jell like bubble on it. I'd assume it was sap but mine were fresh branches, not three years old.
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    This is very common for new wood in aquariums. I've read multiple places that it's just a bacterial bloom on the wood. It will go away on its own in a few weeks or if you really don't like it you can take the wood out and scrub it off in tank water. I've had it on all the driftwood I've put in 4 different tanks.
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    Can you post us a picture?

    Driftwood naturally grows weird funguses all the time. It's strange to see it growing all over it, but its completely normal.

    You could put some nerites to help with it. But you can scrub it off yourself.