Rotala Rotundifolia

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    Common name - Rotala rotundifolia
    Proper name - Rotala rotundifolia
    Lighting needs - Moderate to high, but has been known to grow well in lower lights as long as it has proper Co2 and fertilizer additions
    Temperature range - 65 - 85
    Category - stem plants
    Growth rate - fast in higher lighting
    Hardness - 2-15
    PH - 5.0 to 8.0
    Difficulty - some what easy, but beware when first adding it to your aquarium as it has been known to shed lots of leaves during the first week
    Origin - Asia
    Position - mid ground to backround, sometimes if it is even trimmed correctly it will look magnificent in the fore ground
    Can be grown out of water - In My Experience it can be grown out of water so. yes.
    Needs added fertilizers - No but will Benefit from it
    Needs added Co2 - No but will most certainly benefit from it

    Bio - this beautiful Aquarium plant is the best choice for almost any aquarium for lots of reasons but mostly because of its beautiful long, slender leaves that can even turn the loveliest shade of red. It is also very hardy for such a little delicate stemmed plant, It has grown in so many bad conditions for me, ive had it grow successfully in a 1 gallon, unheated tank. they help so much for quality, but dont depend on these for ammonia removers as they wont do the full job. From having this plant in my tank for so long i have found that it adds a layered look to the tank, it looks spectacular in the back round or mid ground for these specific reasons. If you can provide these every few requirements then you should definitely get this nice little plant here

    Mostly experience but have also used the following websites for specific questions
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