1. SabrinaBrook

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    Hi all,
    I went to my local pet store today to buy a couple of heaters, while i was there the owner mentioed
    she had got in some new female bettas and i should take a look at them because she knows i love my bettas. Well oh my were there some beautiful females there and they were huge and all swimming around together. I picked out one i liked with red in her fins and said i must have her. How do you
    think she will go with my other female betta Midnight i asked and they said they should be fine
    together. Not the case, Midnight would not have a bar of Rosy being in her tank, Midnight was body slamming Rosy and chasing her around, even trying to nip at Rosy. This went on for about 15
    minutes, i couldn't bare to watch it any longer so Rosy is in her own new tank now. I just read on google
    that if you want to house female bettas its best to have 5 of them and introduce them to the tank all
    at the same time. Perhaps this is something i can work towards in the future. I just wanted a friend for
    Midnight and seeing all the females together made me think it could happen. Im sad it didn't work out
    but on the up side i have a beautiful new betta and might breed with her one day.
    Here is a pic of Midnight:
    And this is Rosy:
    If only they could have been friends :(
  2. Flowingfins

    Flowingfins Fishlore VIP Member

    You have just seen why sororities need to be at least 7. The large number helps spread aggression out, so one female isn't targeted all the time. The minimum size is a 20 long.
    Both are beautiful!
  3. OP

    SabrinaBrook Well Known Member Member

    Hi Fins,
    Thank you! Yep i have read a few times the more fish the less aggression there is.
    I should have known better! Midnight probably isn't as lonely as i imagine she is,
    she has me to talk to and in the tank beside her is my crown tail named Royal and they glass surf together most of the time :)