Rosy red / fathead minnows in the UK??? Help

  1. ferreter Initiate Member

    Does anyone know if you can get Fathead minnows over here, I've already got White clouds but would like some different varieties of minnow as they're great fun to watch
  2. ferreter Initiate Member

    Fathead / Rosy Red Minnows in the UK?

    I posted this somewhere else & cant find it (wrong place anyway).

    I'm looking for someone who has or sells Fatheads in the UK cos I've been looking around & noone seems to sell them, are they limited to the States or has DEFRA imposed a ban in the UK?

    If anyone has them can they let me know where I can get them.

    Regards, Leigh
  3. crazedACD Member Member

    I believe it is illegal in the UK to feed fish to other fish, and where the rosy reds are mainly considered a food fish, it is probably going to be difficult to find. There are import restrictions on certain coldwater fish, even googling though I couldn't find any definite lists, but it is possible they could be banned. Good luck in your search!
  4. ferreter Initiate Member

    Almost right, it is illegal to sell any animal for the purpose of feeding to another (except humans), which means that using feeders isn't neccesarily illegal unless you've paid for them for that purpose. This alone wouldn't affect the trade of species in the UK.
    I think that either DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) have imposed a ban on their import or their is simply no call for them over here!!
  5. ferreter Initiate Member

    just found this on the DEFRA website, it explains that licenses must be applied for to keep particular fish except in certain circumstances, this includes aquaria:

    "All those wishing to keep any of the listed species, including fish farmers, fish dealers, wholesalers, retailers, hobbyists and owners of fisheries require an individual licence to do so. However, those wishing to keep grass carp, sturgeon/sterlet and ameiurid (ictalurid) catfish in garden ponds and indoor aquaria or red shiners and fathead minnows ('roseyreds') in indoor aquaria (other than aquaria on retail or wholesale premises) are covered by a general licence which is held by Defra and therefore need not apply for individual licences. The general licence as it applies to ameriurid (ictalurid) catfish and sturgeon/sterlet is currently being reviewed."

    As stated above their is no reason that we cannot keep them & I think that the inclusion of Fatheads in this report shows that they should be about over here otherwise they would've ommited the info.
    Anyhooo, I'm ranting again, Please give me a shout if you wanna part with ya Fatheads or know of a shop that sells them... Cheers
  6. crazedACD Member Member

    Ah I see, I hope you can find them. Have you specifically asked your shops if they could order some, maybe?
  7. ferreter Initiate Member

    Yeah, DEFRA has imposed a licence to stop each shop from selling more than 1 breed of minnow, since every man & his dog knows what a WCMM is thats what they all seem to sell. There's gotta be someone who sells them but I just cant nail them down.
  8. VenomGrass Member Member

    Sorry mate I aint seen any in my LFS.

    All I can find is Golden White Clouds

    I can only find fish farms that sell in bulk, so a FS somewhere must sell them.
    Fish Farm

    Hope you find them!
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  11. ferreter Initiate Member

    The search is over, Found 'em, took 1 look at 'em & changed my mind...
    They're very much the same as European Minnows & if I wanted them I can get a trap
  12. balooporky Initiate Member

    Hi, i'm new to this forum. I was searching for rosy minnow when i came across your post. Could you tell me where did you manage to locate this fish? They are so hard to find. Thanks.