Rosy barbs with neon tetras??


recently setup a new tank bit over 150 litres which I think is about 32 gallons have a internal filter and undergravel in it (yes I no its oldschool) planning on cleaning regularly was wondering I have just put 3 rosy barbs in to get the tank cycling planning on getting 2 or 3 more rosy barbs would neon tetras be suitable tank mates with these barbs?


Hello Waacck and Welcome to Fish Lore.

Personally I wouldn't add any more fish until your tank is cycled. If I were to have any type of barbs I would make it a species only tank. I hear and read so much about them being major fin nippers.

Let's see what other responses you receive.
Best of luck with your cycle!


thanks for getting back so quickly yes of course I'm going to wait just doing some research around to get an idea. yes I asked at the local fish store about community and have done some research and the rosy barb is apprently less aggressive then others like tiger barb when in a school of 5 which I am planning on having I was just wondering if anyone had had any success mixing rosy barbs with neon tetras


HI waacck and Welcome to Fishlore!

I've seen rosy barbs doing quite well with tetras as long as they're in their own school of 7 or more. So yeah, mixing them should be alright. And our FL members don't really recommend keeping an undergravel filter as it can create loads of trouble and headache. So I'd advise getting a normal filter such as an internal filter or liquid filter.

Best of luck and hope to see some pics soon.


thanks!! I'm planning on having a school of 5 or 6 so hopefully barbs will play with each other rather then the tetras yeh I no I have an internal that is rated large enough for the tank but yeh I'm considering turning of the UGF its air driver and I'm basicly using it for water movement rather then filtration


Welcome waacck! I think neons would be fine, just make sure the neons have a good number as well. Tetra, in my opionion, really find strength in numbers.


Yes they can go together, just make sure you have at least about 5-6 barbs. (You can mixed 3 rosy, 3 tiger)
I have 3 Tiger, 3 Rosy and 2 Albino with black neon tetra and tetra.

They get along very well.
The barbs will be busy chasing each other.

Do please follow aquarist48 advice on letting your tank cycled first before putting in neon tetra. A cycled tank reduced the death rate of neon tetra.


thanks everyone for your help I will be sure to add some more barbs first and then a school of neons. and yes I will let the tank cycle of course thanks again ill be sure to return to this site to share my success


I know this is probably too late, but, my experience with rosy barbs is that they can be as nippers as the tigers. I put a group of six in my tank and they bullied everyone (mainly the 5" balas and the congo tetras, although not the clown loaches or the pictus). so they ended up in the toilet-- just kidding they went back to the store.
Anyway, maybe this was a particular case of aggressiveness.
So, since a month has passed, what have been the outcome Waacck?
good luck!

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