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Discussion in 'Dwarf Gourami' started by waacck, Apr 8, 2010.

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    i have a 150 litre (bout 30 gallon i believe) tank and while waiting for it to cycle i wanted to do some research on tankmates for my 5 rosy barbs. i currently have the 5 who enjoy chasing each other around readily never agressive just seems to be chasing i was wondering if whether introducing a male (or 2) neon dwarf gourmai's would cause trouble the tank is about 1 metre long and has live plants etc so i believe the males should be of with thier own parts of the tank but will the rosy barbs be ok with them? any help woudl be useful
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    Hello! :;hi2

    Only ONE male Gourmai with 1-2 females per tank as the males will bicker. Rosy Barbs grow to approx 4", I would suggest a larger Gourmai like the Blue or Gold Gourmai or large active Tetras.
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    I used to have some rosy barbs and I had them with a two platinum gouramis and they went great together they never bother each other , but I wouldn't recommend getting a dwarf gourami since the rosy barbs will be the same size as the DG. My gouramis were quite a bit larger than my rosy barbs.
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    thanks guys for your help ill be sure to steer clear of the dwarfs then :)
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    Good Luck!