Rosy Barbs and plants

Brandon Bennett

This is what happens to Wisteria, Ludwigia,and others when you have a tank full of Rosy Barbs:/ It's a feeding frenzy! The tops of so many of the stems are completely stripped. 4-5-14(2).jpg4-5-14(3).jpg4-5-14.jpg


That's interesting. I have the red glass rosy barbs in a planted tank and they don't touch the plants. I have Ludwigia repens, water wisteria, and narrow leaf chain sword and they remain untouched by the barbs. I also have a pair of bolivian rams and an albino BN pleco but the plants are doing just fine.

Brandon Bennett

LOL, I have four actual Rosies, and 4 Red Glass. I know they're all Rosy Barbs but the Red Glass do most of the damage to the plants. They seem to be more hyper.

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