Rosy Barb Strange flip flop swimming


One of my rosy barbs looks like he's/she's high on acid or something. It's twirling around and flip-flopping in the water. Not normal at all. I have 2 of them and they usually stay together or race back an forth and meet at a corner along the glass or chase each other. They both have been exhibiting the same behavior since I got them (3 months+)

Now one of them has begun this VERY strange and worrisome swimming pattern. It looks like he's having a lot of fun, barrel rolls, twirling, flip-flopping etc, but IT'S NOT NORMAL. Something is up.

Anyone have a clue?


HI Drew,
it sound that possibly your fish is suffering from swim bladder disease. You can try feeding more vegetable matter and see if that helps as it may be a blockage problem from a lack of fiber/veggies. Or it is a symptom of an intestinal bacteria.


So, he may just be constipated, and that's making him freak out? Hmmm I guess I'll throw some spinach in the tank. I just fed them some zucchinI on sunday, most of which ended up clogging my filter intake.


He went missing. Found him today, dead, up inside the huge piece of driftwood. Our other rosy now seems really depressed.


feed them frozen, thawed, peeled peas. Sometimes that seems to be the best for replacing vegetable matter.


The other one was found dead this morning

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