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    AlanGreene Well Known Member Member


    Just wondering is it correct to just put roots in cold water and leave it till it sinks? I am not sure if you are meant to boil it or not, but the impression I get is that you don't. Any input?
  2. Matt B

    Matt B Well Known Member Member

    Depending on the wood it may leach tannins for awhile. Make sure its a hardwood (no sap) and that its thoroughly dead. Everybody seems to do this differently, but I boil repeatedly changing the water periodically until the water is more or less clean. Then I soak it in a bucket for a week or two.
  3. Aquarist

    Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

  4. OP

    AlanGreene Well Known Member Member

    It will be a red moore wood root, link here:


    Any tips for this piece?
  5. f

    fishyluv Well Known Member Member

    What do you boil a big piece of driftwood in? I had a small stock pot that i boiled a small piece in but i have a bigger piece that wont fit. Any suggestions what i could boil it in?
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    AlexAlex Well Known Member Member

    Hi, Fishyluv

    IMO and IME, boiling driftwood isn't necessary. I just fill up a large bucket full of hot water and put a few drops of Prime in it and let it set in it for about 24 hours. For me, I changed the water out about every 4-6 hours and repeated the above steps.

    Usually, after about 12-24 hours, the water isn't yellow anymore. When I put the driftwood in the fish tank, I never had issues with discoloring (so far).
  7. OP

    AlanGreene Well Known Member Member

    Thanks for the reply guys, that was interesting reading!
  8. f

    fishyluv Well Known Member Member

    Thanks Alex. I boiled my smaller malaysian pieces and when added to the tank,it was very little tannins. I didnt have a big enough pot for my manzanite and did what you said. I poured very hot water over and and let it soak in a large plastic bin. I had to change the water out everyday cause it turned so dark. The last time i changed the water in the bin, it looked clear the next day. I soaked it for 2 wks. I took it out and put it in my tank and ended up having to take it out because i could not see my fish! I'm sorry i want to see my fish. A little tannins maybe but it was ALOT! I did wc's and added carbon and it did nothing. I have found out that the malaysian Is alot better on NOT leaching the tannins. At least thats what i have experienced. I need to try and boiul this manzanite. I first have to find something for it to fit in. I think i will try finding a canner pot. I have one but it has been washed with soap in the past.
  9. Matt B

    Matt B Well Known Member Member

    I have a huge stock pot I use, you can just get a really cheap one from Walmart for this purpose. If your piece is too large for a big stock pot you can do half at a time. I've also used an old 10g and put boiling water in it for a large piece. Obviously, you would want to be careful doing this as rapid heating or cooling of glass can cause it to fail.

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