Roots at the middle of the plant

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by conradcpt, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. conradcptValued MemberMember

    Hi all...

    Some of my plants has started to form roots in the middle of the plant. In other words way above the gravel. I'm not sure what this plant is called though.


    Should I cut it off?

    The leaves also seems to be growing better at the top than the bottom. Should I move them further appart so that more light can reach the bottom leaves?


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  2. AmazonPassionModeratorModerator Member

    It is a Hygrophila difformis aka Water wisteria. It is common for the roots to grow at different nodes of the plant can let it be or clip and replant the tops of the plant.

    I would try to space them out personally so that the leaves at the bottom can get some light.
  3. Mer-maxWell Known MemberMember

    Amazon is correct. My wisteria does the same thing
  4. aquaticValued MemberMember

    My water wisteria does that all the time. It really helps when I want to cut it and replant it to expand my forest.
  5. ZiabisWell Known MemberMember

    QUOTE:Some of my plants has started to form roots in the middle of the plant.

    Also my one water wisteria has roots growing from all parts of the stems, but I
    think it looks cool and in my inexperience feel that means a healthy plant, because
    with my other wisteria on the slightly darker side of the tank the wisteria has almost no roots and in my opinion is dying off. I really need to move it...I hope it will be safe to move????

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