Roommate dumped his nano reef on me and now there are little bugs everywhere.

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Ok so my roommate bought a 14 gallon Oceanic Bio Cube on last thursday. He then left for Iraq on Sunday. So the @#!$!% put it on me to take care of his nano reef tank. Its got live rock and coral in it with a bunch of little crabs and 2 snails. today I was scrubbing the glass with one of those magnetic glass cleaner jobs. and the white flakes I thought was sand started moving. upon closer inspection I realised is wasn't sand but some sort of bug plankton looking thing. and there are hundreds of them. granted they are no bigger than the width of pencil lead.

I was wondering what they are and if (and How) I should kill them.
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First before you try a kill anything get a picture up and post it so we can see it. It might not be anything bad.
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pics sry quality is low so I can post them
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Can't really see much. Can you get any closer pictures?
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no they are so small I can't get a decent pic.
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Sounds like copepods. They are normal for a tank with live rock and are a good thing. Extra food for the tanks inhabitants.
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did he buy it as an established tank with everything in it? just wondering since it's less than a week and he already has coral in it!
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yeah he bought it established by our LFS. dropped 420 bones on it.
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