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I joined a while back and perhaps posted something, but then I took a hiatus (not from fish, though!).

Yesterday I devoted a few hours to reorganizing my tanks and fish and I'm pleased with how everything looks now. I have a couple supplies on order (including a test kit, which I realize I definitely should already have and I've done basically all of this out of order, but I've been using the free water testing at Petsmart in the meantime, which is not great, but it's something, I guess).

My ultimate goal is to ditch the small tanks for a larger tank (at least 29, though I'm going to see if I can get away with something even bigger, because fish), but for now, I have a 5 and a 10, as follows...

The 5 gallon is home to Horik, my betta, who I got in June of 2016. He's quite pretty, but also pretty shy, so he spends most of his time hanging out inside his mountain cave. I know the plant's a little rough, but I'm working on it - just today, I (finally) found a local aquarium store and stopped in and they were extremely helpful. I showed them pictures and they suggested solutions. As soon as I get paid, I'm going back to buy what they suggested!

You can just barely see him in front of the filter. This is him shortly after I first got him (back when he'd actually be social, before he discovered that being a hermit fish is preferable).

Across the room from Horik is my 10 gallon with some white cloud minnows (nameless, until I can figure out some way to tell them apart), an albino cory cat (Siggi, who lived peacefully with another cory cat and one of my bettas [rest in peace, Floki] until the betta flipped out and murdered Siggi's friend), a couple ghost shrimp (also nameless), and a newly added pleco. I was hesitant about the pleco, but the guy at the fish shop said that they're fairly slow growing and when he (Rollo) gets too big, I can bring him back and exchange him for someone else and they'll have no trouble selling him again. Though if I upgrade to a larger tank, I may be able to keep him...

SiggI the cory cat will eventually get cory cat friends (probably when I upgrade to a bigger tank) but when FlokI the betta murdered her friend, he also nipped off most of Siggi's fins, so I'm waiting for them to grow back before adding more cory cats. They're getting there! She has a tail again, and her dorsal fin is coming back nicely. I felt so terrible for her for a while - she was just a little finless little dart scooting sadly around the tank (never stopped eating, though). She perked up when I added the minnows, and she got even happier when the pleco went in. Rollo the pleco doesn't seem entirely sure about his new admirer.

The driftwood and anubias are new additions, too. I've always loved the look of planted tanks and I feel like I'm making some progress towards having an entirely planted, pretty tank. I can't change much about Horik's - he's not a fan of change. Last time I did something drastic, I didn't see him for three days.

I sure I'm doing some things wrong, and I know I have a ton to learn, but I love the peace of watching and caring for my fish.


Beautiful tank! Good luck to the Cory.

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