Roma 240 Tropical - Fish Included! Suffolk Uk Want To Sell

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    Suffolk, UK
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    Hi All...

    I'm going to be moving house soon and although I LOVE LOVE LOVE my fish tank I'm thinking it just has to go... it's going to be too costly to move it and honestly I don't know where it would go.

    So, not the end of the world if I don't sell it, but preferably there's someone out there who can make good use of it... and offer it's inhabitants a good home...

    • Blue Gourami x 1
    • Angelfish x 2
    • Red Tail Shark x 1
    • Albino Corydora x 3
    • Cherry Barbs x 6
    • Glowlight Tetra x 12
    • Wood Shrimp x 2
    • Amano Shrimp x 5 (I think they're still in there)
    • Bolbitis
    • Java Fern
    • Crypt
    • Repens
    • Anubias Golden Nana
    • Coffeefolia
    • Moss ball x 2
    • Amazon Sword
    • Nymphaea lotus
    • Bucephalandra Red x 3
    • Staurogyne Rubescens
    • Helanthium
    • Some random others (can't remember the names!)
    • Elephant skin / Grey Mountain stone (20kg or so)
    • Redmoor Wood x 3 XL Pieces
    • ProdiBio AquaGrowth Aquarium Soil
    • Hugo Kamishi Natural Fine Gravel (plus topup if required)
    Full setup includes:
    • Tank - 240 Litre (55g) Fluval Roma
    • Stand (for the above) in oak colour
    • Fluval 360 Canister Filter
    • Upgraded Interpet TriSpec lights and original light that came with the tank
    • Co2 equipment (dual valve, Co2Art Pro-SE) - all present and working
    • Stock heater - works well
    The whole tank has cost me well over £1400 to set up, and I've only had it for a few months in all honesty and I feel kinda peeved to let it go... I'll be open to sensible offers and you will probably need to arrange collection as I don't have a car big enough to get it in!

    I'm in Haverhill, Suffolk, viewings are more than welcome.

    Thanks for looking guys :)

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