1. roy o flynn

    roy o flynn New Member Member

    Hi guys
    After few months having my limestone rocks in my tank they are now covered in dark green algae, is there anyway I can get them back to there original colour or close to it, tried scrubbing them but no joy, could you bleach them ?? ae8b871c2cd0a762ffd290cbb5fd2397.jpg
  2. W

    WildEyedDanio New Member Member

    Bleaching rocks or scrubbing them will kill the bacteria that help keep your ph stable and nitrate, ammonnia etc levels down. Bleach can also leech into the tank and kill your fish.

    The best thing to do would be by an algae eating fish/snail/shrimp for your aquarium if you haven't already. The algae eaters should take care of the problem quickly and keep it away. Bear in mind not all types of algae eaters eat all types of algae.

    Bristlenose plecos seem like a good choice as they consume green spot algae too.

    Here's a link to a page about algae eaters
    12 Best Freshwater Algae Eaters For Your Aquarium

    Remember to do your research on what algae eaters and compatible and whatnot and make aure they can eat green algae as, like said above, many can't

    Apart from that there are algae treatments such as flourish excel but these are generally less effective.

    THE HABITAT Well Known Member Member

    From my short experience with algae I found the most effective were my Nerite snails and my Otto cats...they will clean that up in a hurry I do believe...Amano shrimp could also be a good option...o have all three species in my 55 and they help algae control considerably