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    A few years ago, an old barn on our farm was demolished but a lot of the rocks weren't taken away so I gathered them to do some landscaping around the house. My father and I believe them to be granite, some with some speckly looking things in them and they are fairly clean. Would they be fine to use in my tank that I'm setting up in a month. What would be good to clean them with, or should I just scrub them hard. I also plan on boiling them all since they have been in the dirt for a few years. Thanks for any help.
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    Granite with speckly things would more than likely be mica inclusions. Just rinse and use, Granite is definately safe and mica is not water soluable so you are good to go!! Just use a good scrub brush that has NOT EVER been used with cleaning compounds before. It is highly, extremely unlikely there is any need to boil is not from a river, stream or pond.
    For the first couple of months check your Ph....all should be well.
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    I put a couple of rocks in my tank. I think I found them at the beach. I simply rinsed them in warm water and then baked them in the oven at 350 for an hour or so.

    I don't know what kind of rocks I have but they've been in the tank for years.
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    Actually most rocks are ok, because we are doing regular water changes.

    Examples of water soluable rocks are limestone and calcite....the are actually very hard rocks, but as seen on caverns...they do eventually very slowly be disvolved.


    Any mineral ore rocks should be avoided because of associated heavey metal minerals.
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    Hey, thanks alot guys, I really appreciate the info!