Rock turning red with stringy stuff

  1. j

    jimmy Initiate Member

    hey , srry about all the questions, but i just ran into another of my rocks has turned red (dark marroon) with stringy stuff on it.......does anyone know what this might be and if its bad or not?
  2. K

    Kevin F Initiate Member

    Hey, what's happening?

    I am by no means an expert here but I just had the same problem. It's called for a lack of better terms "Red Slime". It looks like red hair covering the rocks and sand right?

    Anyways, just go to your local fish store and let them know that you have red slime growing in your tank and they will give you something to take care of it. I just added some to my tank the other day and I can already see a difference.

    If that doesn't work, hopefully Mike "the expert" will see this post. :)
    Good luck
  3. OP

    jimmy Initiate Member

    hey thanks ....ya it is red slime and i went to the local shop....told me to remove it with an old tooth brush or use a buffer thanks for the advice