roborovski hamsters


i'm just wondering if a 20"(length) by 10"(width) by 12"(height) tank would be a good home for a roborovskI hamster. and does anyone know where I can get one in Calgary?


You might try at Petsmart--the one by Chinook often has tanks on sale without the equipment.


if that's a ten gallon tank it should be fine. just make sure you get only one because they may fight . if you do get 2 get a male and female. don't get a male and a male because ive hade some and they have fought.the only problem with a male and a female is they may have a lot of babies. Ive also heard they can be pregnant and nursing at the same time but I don't know if that's for hamsters it may be just for mice.
dont quote me though do some research on the web and find out.

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