Riverfront Aquariums in Calgary, AB


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I went to Riverfront Aquariums on January 17, 2009. They have a classy website () and are located in downtown Calgary. To be honest, I was a little taken aback when I first walked in - it looked a little run down, without the open space and clean surfaces I'm used to seeing at Petsmart etc. It was warm and melting outside that day and the ceiling was leaking; there were garbage bags woven between the rafters and buckets on the floor. However no one cares about that! let's talk fish!

The first thing you see is an enormous arrowana. You can see it on their website - look at the Photo Galleries tab. They have a ton of tanks, I have no idea how many. There was virtually every freshwater and marine fish I've ever seen, and as much again that I never have. What I found really striking was that not only did the fish have no visible signs of disease and there were NO dead fish in any tanks, but in every tank the fish would swim up to the glass and look at me when I went to look at them. They weren't afraid of humans whatsoever. I've become used to seeing the fish cowering in a corner at the lfs, and this was new and really great.

The male bettas were in 1/2 gallon bowls - not quite heated/filtered/at least 5 gallon but at least they weren't dixie cups. And they were all interactive, not gasping at the surface.

I found the staff to be pleasant and helpful, not at all pushy, and anxious to know what I thought of their store. They also told me they quarantine all new stock for 14 days before they are offered for sale.

The merchandise section of the store was average, and I didn't buy anything there. If I need specialty equipment, I'll probably continue to go to Big Al's. However, I came there for fish. I bought four cherry barbs - one male and three female. These fish are the friendliest and tamest I've ever had (and I've only had them two days so far). They seem to love face-time. I just did a gravel vac in their tank and they were swimming around it the entire time, like a bunch of puppies playing with a new toy

I will definitely be going back there!

Edit: I called them today (Jan 24/09) to ask about another species. They don't currently have them in stock - but they're getting more on Monday, so I could have them Monday. Don't you quarantine them for 2 weeks first, I ask? No, they come to us healthy so that's not necessary.

Well so much for that - nuts. However the fish I bought last week are still doing wonderfully - healthy looking, active, interactive, not scared of anything, eat like little piggies. I wish this store did quarantine their fish before sale (wish more 2 different clerks didn't tell me two different things) but since they don't, it's a good thing that I DO.


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The lack of QT does concern me a bit however it could be that they have something set up with their suppliers. Ask them how their filtration is set up? All tanks indiv. or not. That might have something to do with it as well.

This was a very well written review. Nice work.

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