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    I wasn't sure what area this post was appropriate, but I thought here might be a good place.

    For a few weeks before, my 9 inch, golden axolotl was in a temporary, unfiltered 8 gallon plastic tank. He was in there for about a week, before he returned to his original home.

    The night before placing him back, I noticed he looked unnaturally wide. It couldn't have been fat, due to over eating, because he didn't eat anything in that time. I didn't think much of it.

    During his time in his original tank, I noticed he was growing a little bit wider. I started to become concerned. He grew wider and wider, as the weeks passed. He wouldn't accept any food, so I knew then, it couldn't possibly be an over eating problem. I was getting more worried everyday. My dad had a look, and suggested it could be swelling of eggs. 'He's' gender had not yet been determined, but I disagreed.

    Eventually, I just stopped worrying, because he was acting moderately normal, yet still not eating. Just yesterday, he looked incredibly wide, unbelievably wide. I was really concerned. Later that night, I saw him upside down, not moving at all. He was dead.

    So last night, my beautiful golden axolotl died. So far, unknown cause, but I do have a guess. After removing him from his enclosure, I kept him in a temporary container until I could burry him. He kept going belly up.

    Eventually, I had a look for signs of the cause of death. I noticed a very small, yet very deep hole just in front of his genital area. Just above the whole was what I think, a rash. A red, slightly torn area of his skin.

    I'm guessing that was the cause of death. Some sort of parasite, that dug into his skin.

    From what I described, do these symptoms relate to any sort of disease, or parasite?

    Rest in Peace.... Rex
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    Sorry to hear about your Axelotl. :(

    It sounds to me like the fish was constipated. I've never heard of a parasite that would leave a deep wound like your describing.
  3. OP
    Bad Wolf

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    I also guessed constipation, could that be caused of poor water conditions?
  4. Aquarist

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    Good morning,

    Sorry to hear about your fish loss. I know it isn't easy. It is really hard to say if the fish passed due to poor water conditions without knowing your readings for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. From your description I would guess either constipation or possibly even Dropsy and or ammonia poisoning.

    If you don't have a test kit, the one that is most widely recommended is the API (liquid) Master Test Kit. Being in an unfiltered container for a week could have caused issues that weren't reversible. With no filtration and no water changes I have to think ammonia issues at least led to his demise.

    Again, so sorry for your loss.
  5. Nutter

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    Yes, it can be. The problem will have been from being in the cramped confines of the 8gal & the water quality would have been pretty poor in there to, even if you were doing daily water changes.
  6. OP
    Bad Wolf

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    Thanks for your help.... Poor Rex will be missed.... Lived nearly two years with me, not too long, but it was a good run.