RIP Otto

  1. hooxeii

    hooxeii Well Known Member Member

    Well, my otocinclus died randomly this morning. My whole family is sick, so we all slept in considerably, and I was getting cleaned up when I noticed him.

    He has no visible signs of injury, except that his defensive spine was out fully and his abdomen is slightly discolored. I was worried that Lily may have killed him, as she was chasing him more than usual yesterday. It's odd, because they usually get along.

    I've not had the water tested yet, but I'm going to get it tested today or tomorrow, weather permitting. Lily the female betta and Panda the panda cory are both fine...

    Any ideas? I've had him for several months now, with no issues. He even survived the great ich outbreak of 2009!

    Farewell my dear Otto, you were a fun little companion. I shall dearly miss your antics, and seeing you on the front pane of glass.
  2. Shawnie

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    aww im sorry for your loss...:( rip lil otto! I hope you and your family get better also..its a rough season so soon
    maybe getting your own kit could help allot...that way you never have to rely on stores to tell you where your water is....even if you just got an ammonia/nitrite kit for now.....without knowing your water parimeters, one can only guess what it was..and it certinaly could have been lily...they dont place nice with other fish and it can change at any time with the bettas moods....


  3. OP

    hooxeii Well Known Member Member

    Indeed. I'm contemplating buying my own kit with x-mas monies.

    She WAS in a foul mood yesterday, so I'm not putting it past her.

    Thanks for the well-wishes.
  4. G

    GoGreen Well Known Member Member

    Sorry that you lost Otto, he sounds like he gave you many hours of amusement.
    Hope that your family is feeling better, also.
    RIP Otto
  5. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    I'm sorry you lost your little oto. :(
  6. agabr123

    agabr123 Fishlore VIP Member

    i'm sorry to hear about your oto :(
  7. Tigerfishy

    Tigerfishy Well Known Member Member

    Goodbye little boy, RIP