Rip Nightshade

  1. Nightshadethebetta

    Nightshadethebetta Valued Member Member

    My little betta Nightshade passed away today :( He suffered very bad Dropsy and I tried everything I could to help him. I miss him so much already. He was filled with so much personality and so lovely. RIP my little baby.

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  2. Wystearya

    Wystearya Valued Member Member

    Aww, I'm sorry for your loss.

    If you get another fish, I suggest cleaning up the tank. Don't use soap! You can use -diluted- bleach and rinse, rinse, rinse, and rinse some more!

    I don't think anyone knows for sure the cause of dropsy, and if it's some kind of infection you don't want a new fish to get it.
  3. Jnyftb

    Jnyftb Valued Member Member

    Awwwwwwwww I'm so sorry :'(
  4. Fanatic

    Fanatic Fishlore VIP Member

    Don't look at it like you think you did something wrong, everyone can and will make mistakes.
    I started off with bettas in bowls and didn't know any better.

    Sorry for the loss :( Just keep your spirits up and remember it's just a way of life.
    When you get your next betta, that's your chance to make his life even better than it was at the store, do all you can when you can.
    I have had bettas pass on, when they did, I looked at it as a chance to improve for the next one and make his life longer and fuller than the one before.
  5. JLeeM

    JLeeM Well Known Member Member

    Sorry for your loss. It always hurts a little (or a lot) to lose one. I know it did for me and my girlfriend when we lost our first betta. Like @Fanatic said though, take it as a chance to learn. We did with our situation.