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    Naeusu Valued Member Member

    The chronicle of Rin continues!

    I rescued Rin (a large 6 inch maroon clown) from an overcrowded tank and nursed her back into great health! However...

    Rin just about killed my rose anemone so i gave her to my LFS....i've been checking in on her about every other day for a week to make sure she's healthy. The other day i checked in to see they had placed a large bluish green long tentacled anemone in the tank with her and she was guarding it well! I dropped in this morning to find no fish and no anemone in the tank....what i did see were several iridescent bluish green lumps...

    apparently they had sold the anemone but before hand she had plucked a great number of it's tentacles and had left them in the bottom of the display tank...

    I think she may have been bought with the anemone but i'm not sure...i hope she doesn't kill it either o.o

    (oh, and sorry if i placed this in the wrong section, i just wanted to share a strange story)
  2. Butterfly

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    That is an interesting story :) Don't know why she would react that way.