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Rin Rot Or Tumors?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by FrostedFlakes, May 19, 2019.

  1. FrostedFlakes Well Known Member Member

    I currently have a guppy that has large masses on its tail, and quite frankly I'm not sure what it is. The guppy originated from a 20 gallon tank that had 4 other guppies and one dwarf gourami. I was out for a time and couldn't do water changes, and when I came back everyone had mild fin rot except for this one guppy, with the very odd looking tail. The tank has been running for a year, is fully cycled, and is kept at around 75-78 degrees F. The fish acts fine other than the tail. Still eats, etc. but I can tell the tail is affecting him because it looks quite heavy. He has been like this for around a month now. When I first quarantined him I did kanaplex for a bit, but because of how busy I was at the time, I wasn't able to complete treatments or have a consistent dosing schedule. For around a month he's just been in a 5 gallon quarantine tank. The masses have gotten a bit bigger. One of them looks to be a cyst as well. Like a little bubble on his tail, and a few times I saw that supposed cyst turn bright red. Advice is most wanted, I certainly am quite attached to this little guy.



  2. A201 Well Known Member Member

    That might be Lymphocystis, a viral growth. Its fairly common. No cure; not very contagious. Occassionally the infected fish's immune system will supress the cyst. Sometimes it continues to grow.
  3. FrostedFlakes Well Known Member Member

    It looks fairly similar to lymphocystis. What would you recommend as a course of action? Since there is no cure, should I just make him comfortable? I am hesitant to put him back in with the others. Anything I can do to help?
  4. A201 Well Known Member Member

    Lymph. Is a virus, so meds have no effect. Its your call on what to do with the poor guy.
    I've only had to deal with Lymphocystis once. I kept the infected fish in the main tank for months. The growth kept getting bigger and I eventually euthanized the fish. No other fish caught the disease.
  5. FrostedFlakes Well Known Member Member

    Ok, thank you. I will decide on what to do next.