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Do y'all notice any of your schooling fish riding the current created by your powerhead(s)? I wish I could get this on film...my harlequin rasboras do it. They swim underneath the current to where it begins (at the mouth of the powerhead), then they swim up into the current and ride it all the way to the end of the tank. Then they dive down and swim back to the beginning of the current again.  All of them do this as a unit, too. I have ten rasboras, so it's kind of cool to watch. A few of them are more gung ho about it and they keep on doing it after several have stopped.

I got my powerheads for my loaches, but they don't want to be bothered. Maybe it's because the powerheads are attached a few inches below the surface of the water, and that's why the rasboras are going nuts, because it's where they spend the most time?
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