Riccia Moss, Liverwort, Crystalwort


Common Name: Riccia Moss, Liverwort, Crystalwort
Latin Name: Riccia fluitans
Family Name: Ricciaceae

Plant Form: Moss
Sold as: Mat

Placement: Foreground or float
Max Size: Can grow into fairly large sized mats
Plant Location: In substrate or floating
Propagation: Cuttings or division of mat
Growth Rate: Moderate

True Aquatic: Yes

pH: Any
Supplements: CO2
Lighting: High to Very High

Care Level: Moderate
Good for Beginners: No

Popularized by TakashI Amano. Becoming a sought after moss. As far as mosses go, it is one of the more demanding varieties. If left to float, will sink on its own when the mat becomes heavy. Can be tied to wood or rock. All in all a versatile plant so long as its high demand on lighting and CO2 are met.

Not compatible with duckweed. Usually algae free, but can be lost to hair algae.

Great in fry tanks as the moss can provide hiding places for fry.

Fall River

Will Riccia attach itself to objects after a while?
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Fall River said:
Will Riccia attach itself to objects after a while?
Not really. It doesn't have a root structure to use to attach with.

James95 said:
Great profile. I only have one thing to add. It's TakashI Amano. Lol
Thanks for pointing that out! Spelling error has been corrected.
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