Riccia Fluitans Mats: A Great Moss For Aquascapes, Lowtech Tanks, And Breeder Tanks Want To Sell

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  1. Vishaquatics (Koiman) Well Known Member Member

    Hi FishLore,

    I have 50 riccia mats for sale. They’re all 2”x2” and are $6 each. Larger or custom mats can be made.

    Shipping is $4. I’ll throw in free root tabs if requested.

    DISCLAIMER: The Mat in the photo is not 2”x2”. This picture is here because it was a good photo I had of the riccia moss.

    Riccia fluitans is a great plant for Lowtech and high tech tanks alike. It’s great at absorbing nitrates and is a very fast grower, making it perfect for beginners. It also is famous for its pearling ability and it pearls a ton. This plant can be tied to rocks or wood or can be left floating.


  2. Crazycoryfishlady Well Known Member Member

    Ah! I'll probably take two maybe 3.. and some root tabs :D
    I love riccia, and my boyfriend will like that it's in these sections!
    Do you mean in mats as in, placed along little plastic mats so it can be put on the substrate? Or is that just reffering to the shape of them?

    If it's on the plastic, is there anyway I could buy maybe like 10, 2x2 empty mats from you? I have these cultures I need to plant, but not all of them have rooted enough to actually be planted in the sand without floating up.

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  3. Vishaquatics (Koiman) Well Known Member Member

    I actually grow the riccia in 10x10 floater baskets. When the basket is absolutely filled, I cut it into 2x2 sections to sell or to an dimension the customer wants as long as it’s less than 10x10. These mats have been growing submerged and floating but they are not attached to plastic or mesh. They are just a 2x2 square shape and about an inch thick. Riccia never forms roots so if they are tied down, they’ll have to be tied down forever.
  4. Crazycoryfishlady Well Known Member Member

    Alright! I didn't think there was any mesh but I wasn't sure, so I thought I'd ask anyway :D

    I'll take 3 of them! I'll message you shortly.
  5. JLeeM Well Known Member Member

    Can this plant be glued to decor?
  6. Vishaquatics (Koiman) Well Known Member Member

    Yes, glued and tied
  7. notBrandon Valued Member Member

    I would like to purchase some mats and some root tabs as well.
  8. Vishaquatics (Koiman) Well Known Member Member

    Awesome, I’ll send you a PM