Riccia Fluitans Carpet In A Low-tech?


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Hey guys!

I'm finishing the setup process for my new betta that should be shipped sometime next week, and I really wanna add a few nice carpet patches here and there!

I have a 6G low-tech tank, no CO2 but I will be dosing with Excel every other day. I was gonna buy Flourish fertilizer but instead the person at my local fish store suggested that I use Green Ease & Grow by Mag-Float Labs, so that's what I'll be dosing my tank with. My light is the 13 W Aqueon Planted Aquarium Clip-On Light (Here's a link to it: )

I have some moss balls in there at the moment, but I'd like to attempt some sort of carpet with the easiest alternative possible. I thought some flame moss and riccia fluitans (crystalwort) would be an interesting choice (I'm not overly font of the java moss carpet, but I'm not opposed to it.

Do you guys think some Riccia and flame moss would do good in this setting? How about anubias petite and the marimo moss that are in there already?

Thanks in advance


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Florida, USA
Riccia is a demanding high-tech plant. In the wild it exists as a floating plant; Takashi Amano pioneered growing it submerged by tying it down and giving it lots of CO2.

A similar alternative would be Subwassertang, which is in the same plant family but thrives in low tech conditions.

Flame moss is also a more demanding moss, Christmas moss would be easier.
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