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    I purchased two of Rex Grigg's "Best Darn Regulator". I have to say that I am very pleased by the ease of use as well as the honesty of this guy. He noticed and reimbursed me a mistake in the shipping fee that favored him. I wouldn't notice it to be honest with you.

    I purchased a used 20lbs CO2 steel tank. It reads a bit under 1000psi as full.

    Using the rubber O-ring held in a rigid plastic case that needs an hexagonal or "allen" wrench to screw into the pressurized tank is one of the details in which Rex provides a quality gadget. Rex doesn't provide the "allen" tool so I had to purchase one. Other than that, the flexibility of personalized order makes purchasing from Rex Grigg a worth-while experience.

    Rex Grigg's costumer service is not the best out there in terms of receiving a quick response so expect a week or two before your inquiries are answered; however the quality of his feedback is, in my opinion and experience, straight-forward and honest.

    Rex is one of those "old-school" entrepreneurs that go by their words. I noticed he was not pushing to sell any of his gadgets despite my doubts on the pertinence of purchasing them or go with my already tried DIY ones (like bubble counter, reactor/diffuser). He responded as if he was the client.

    The "Best Darn Regulator" needs some minor adjustment. Be careful when setting it up the first time so you don't flood your tank with CO2.

    Accidentaly (my mistake) I ended up killing most of my Boesemani and ThreadFin Rainbowfish, as well as Glass Catfish as I turned the needle valve to mostly open instead of mostly closed (as I intended).

    I love the quality of the CO2 safe transparent rigid hose (I purchased 50'), as it needs no tie-wrap to hold tightly with the needle and check valves.

    I am running four tanks with a 20lbs steel cylinder. Rex Grigg's manifold solution is incredibly efficient and easy to set-up. He doesn't provide detailed diagram as to what goes attached to what since a bit of common sense answer the questions I had easily.

    I am getting ready to inject CO2 in my 145gal tank. Still working out the with the diffuser(s). It is a good thing to count on the reliable quality of a new Rex Grigg "Best Darn CO2 regulator" with me.

    To read more about this state of the art regulator, visit Rex Grigg's homepage

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    How is the new reg working out? I'm researching through your experiences...;)