Reviewing The Twinstar 450e Led

  1. tommywantfishy

    tommywantfishy Well Known Member Member

    I will be reviewing the Twinstar 450e LED light. It is a perfect fit on my Ultum Nature Systems 45u.

    This is a link I just came across. If it is true, the game has changed for Iwagumi scapers. I got it in last night. I will be logging this and letting you all know how it has worked for me.

    I am floating Hornwort and Ammonia is down to 1 ppm. I just moved the tank, and as you can tell the dust is stirred up. I will be adding lava rock in mesh to build up the back of my scape then topping with 7lbs of ADA Aquasoil. Algae has been a problem with the intense daylight of the Finnex Ray 2. This will be an interesting contrast in comparison. 57951da09cd8a76bdc15a926b0031b79.jpg

    I confused intake and outtake. My bad. #sleepy. Log #1.
  2. OP

    tommywantfishy Well Known Member Member

    Clearing up!
    Added stone in background in zip carbon bags. About to add 7lbs of ADA Amazonia to get some depth. Light is epic.
    New soil in. Nice slope!
    Little S. REPENS action going on.