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Rules here are precisely the same as elsewhere on the forum: No swearing, no rudeness (this applies whether or not the target is actually a member of the forum), no using the reviews to advertise your website/product/whatever (there is a fine line here. Basically, the point of this section is to allow hobbyists to offer their experience to other hobbyists). Lastly, Mike and the mods have final say on any rules calls. The point isn't the letter of the rules, it's the spirit of the rules, which is to ensure the safety and comfort of the members of the forum, and to facilitate the sharing of knowledge.

There are also a few extra guidelines. At times, breach of these guidelines may cause a post to get edited. At others, it may be allowed to slide with nothing but a suggestion that altering it may be a good idea. Again, it's up to the mods.

1) Be fair. If the only thing you're upset about is that the filter you bought was a different color than what's on the box, don't give the thing a terrible review. Express your displeasure at the color, and (preferably) also say what works about it.
Likewise, if you modded a product (altered it in some way to make it function differently than intended) and it didn't work as planned, include what you did, and why you think that your mod(s) didn't have anything to do with its lack of functionality.
Note that this is not only to maximize the benefit of your experience to other forum members, it is also to protect you. There is a very high profile incident in the aquarium hobby in which several hobbyists were sued due to their poor reviews of another's products. If you are neutral and honest in your review, courts are much less likely to take such a lawsuit seriously.

2) Be complete. In particular, this goes for negative reviews. Think about if there might be circumstances that negatively affected your experience of the product. For example, if fish arrived dead and appeared to have been properly packed, but the package looked dented, as if a UPS employee had played soccer with it, perhaps the issue wasn't the packing, but the treatment of the package on the trip.

3) Don't slander. Really, this ties in to #1. Don't leave a wholly negative review just because you don't like one aspect of the service/product/whatever, and certainly don't make stuff up to make it look worse than it actually was.

Final note about reviews: The reviews written by members of Fishlore are not the official views of Fishlore. Fishlore has no specific opinions on any particular product/website/service/whatever. The reviews are the opinions solely of those members writing them.



I'm bumping this thread due to the fact some Reviews were simply asking questions about certain products and there was not an actual Review of said/used product. These threads have been moved to the proper forum categories.

Please Note: The Review section is to state your knowledge and experience and how products have worked for you.



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