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Review: Mingdak Digital Aquarium Ramp Timer

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by lockedup, Apr 2, 2019.

  1. lockedupValued MemberMember

    -We have a 29 gallon Top Fin® Essentials Aquarium Starter Kit.
    -We wanted a moon light
    -We have cats

    I looked at countless combinations of hoods, glass tops, lights and controllers.
    Nothing made me happy because they would either need to be modified or leave a gap.
    You see... the stupid Top Fin 29g is an oddball size. No versa top fits directly.
    Not even the dang Top Fin glass flip top that they sell 5 feet from the kit fits!

    I also like the idea of a black top because the cats can't see through it.
    So they don't bother getting on top pf the aquarium (cats on top means hair in filter).

    So I got this controller for $12.99.

    -Plugged right in to my Top Fin hood.
    -Allows you to do some custom programming for 5 light adjustments per day.
    --(You can do a 6th adjustment... but the 6th has to be a period of "off")

    -Programming is awkward and you have to be fast.
    -NO battery backup for current time.

    Install is easy.
    Programming took some getting used to and do note it uses a 24 hour clock.
    You can adjust the times the light level changes and to what level of light form 0-100.

    Note that they call the time periods L-01, L-02, L-03, etc.
    This is not to be confused withe the light levels...L1, L10, L50, L100, etc.
    Would make more sense to have called them P-01, P-02 or used any letter other than "L".

    My initial setup:
    L-01: 0600/6AM - 30
    L-02: 0700/7AM - 60
    L-03: 0800/8AM - 100
    L-04: 2100/9PM - 60
    L-05: 2200/10PM -1
    L-06: Disabled

    I set mine up to be super low light (Moon Light) all night and disabled the "LOFF" (6th) period.

    I would LOVE this if it had a battery backup and if the 6th period was adjustable instead of forcing it to be an "off" period.

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  2. lockedupValued MemberMember

    The rest of the instructions... IMG_4236.JPGIMG_4237.JPG