Review: Bristlenoses : Catfish with Character


Bristlenoses : Catfish with Character
Author: Kathy Jinkings
ISBN: 185279137-3
Published by TFH UK, not sure if there is an American version of this, but I did purchase it in America at Half Price Books.

What can I say it's a book all about our favorite plecos, the bristlenose!

This book is fairly comprehensive, from the classification and relationships to the biology of the fish, to keeping them in the aquarium, spawning them and identifying species. It's everything you wanted to know about bristlenose and probably much more you never cared about.

Overall a really nice LOOKING book, glossy hardback, packed with lots of information on one specific type of fish. Great book. If you can find a copy and you are into the bristlenose catfish, pick this up.


Thanks Joe, I'm looking into either a bristlenose or a clown plec for my up-and-coming 20gal., but I'm no expert on plecos, if I see it, I'll probably get it, thanks for the advise

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