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This isn't a LFS for me but I do like to stop by while in Sydney and grab a few things. Unfortunately I can not post pictures on this thread because Aquaristic have a no pictures policy.

You walk up a ramp to get in the store and you are immediately surrounded by fish. On your right is their massive Frontosa tank. On your left is one of two plant tanks home to a colony of Borneo suckers. Walk past the plant tank and turn left and you will see their Australian themed tank home to archerfish and many species of australian rainbow fish. On your right is a long bench which supports three 45cm aquascapes which are home to fancy guppies and otocinclus. On the right of the bench is a 220 gallon aquascape which houses several torpedo barbs, one whiptail catfish, 15 or so panda corydoras and 3-4 shoals of large tetras.

Moving on, turning right and walking straight ahead you will see on lour left and indoor koi pond which is very natural looking. Straight ahead are the tanks for fish to be sold. Each tank is 1.5x1.5x1.5 but they are the lightest stocked retail tanks I have ever seen. They have beautiful discus very large with excellent colouring. Their fighters all look like they are ready for a show, and are fairly cheap.

Walking down the corridor next to the fish tanks and you will walk in to their equipment, food, water conditioner etc section.
They stock every single eheim product under the sun and they are also the first shop in Australia that stocks NLS. They have all kinds of aquascaping goods from ADA and I just wish I had a reason to buy some driftwood.

On the left of the equipment etc section is where they keep their live marine fish. I don't know to much about them but they had very spacious tank around 30-40 gallons each. They stocked some of the common fish (Clownfish etc) but had some interesting fish I had never seen before.

I'll conclude my tour at the counter where they keep a very shallow tank which has a large rock sticking out of it. This gives the tank a nice look, a sort of paludarium. In the water are various cory babies, They had several types. Just to name a few: Panda, Adolfoi, Green laser.

Rating: 5/5

The shop is amazing, so compact but really spacious. They have many products I am yet to find at other stores. In my two visits to the store I have not seen a single sick fish. The staff are always ready to help and very patient. The employee that helped me caught out 10 pure endlers. He was incredibly patient with the the fish using a small fine net so he wouldn't harm them. I picked out the most active and best coloured ones and needless to say he spent a good 20 minutes catching the hyperactive little creatures. I left the store with ten endlers, a D cave for my pleco and a bag of live brine shrimp, It was great to see my fish so excited at feeding time.
Claire Bear
Now that is ideally how all lfs should operate-nice, very nice!
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