Review: Aquabid Seller Nofishtoday

I wanted to give a shout out to Ken, username Nofishtoday, for being a great guy to deal with. He sells plants, snails, driftwood, stone, and accessories from his Web site, as well. He's very dedicated and works hard to meet the needs and interests of planted tank hobbyists. The plants I got from him are in beautiful shape, bargain priced, and well-shipped: each was individually bagged and labeled. No complaints here, don't hesitate to bid!

(I will note I got some pond snails riding along, so if that type of thing concerns you, de-snail before planting.)
I LOVE bamaplants. Absolutely one of my favorite sites out there and the prices are really good. Ken is the man!
Dawn Michele
Thanks for sharing!!! Good to know!!!

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