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Returning To Fishkeeping After Many Years

Discussion in 'Welcome to FishLore' started by pagoda, May 17, 2019.

  1. pagoda New Member Member

    Good afternoon peeps :)
    I am returning to fishkeeping after many years away :)

    My aquarium was delivered yesterday, May 16, and its just starting a fishless cycle. The aquarium is a Ciano Aqua 80 LED that came with its own heater, filter & LED hood lighting. I added an Aquael Airlights with Marina 75 airpump along with an assortment of live plants, gravels, sand and a little something for the hooligans to play in once they arrive :)

    All seems to be going to plan although one or two plants seem determined to escape.....they will co-operate eventually ;) and the hood LED seems very harsh, so might change that later for a softer variant. The Airlights are blue/green which makes for a nice atmosphere at night when the hood LED is turned off.

    I am looking to add the hooligans in two weeks time, so shall be water changing next week and around 24 hours prior to their arrival.

    Choices of hooligan has increased since I was last into the hobby, so have chosen the following and would appreciate any advice, please....including "ahhhh don't do that!" :eek:

    5 x Neon Tetra - Medium
    5 x Black Neon Tetra - Medium/Large
    5 x Green Neon Tetra - Small
    5 x Penguin Tetra - Medium/Large
    5 x Black Emperor Tetra - Medium/Large
    5 x Purple Emperor Tetra - Medium/Large
    5 x X-ray Tetra - Small
    5 x Harlequin - Medium
    5 x Mosquito Rasbora - Small/Medium
    1 x Siamese Fighting Fish - Large
    1 x Super Red Bristlenose Ancistrus - Small

    I have gone for a variety of small/bright/colourful along with the bolshy show off and since past experiences with Clown Pleco's who fail to realise they have gone over the average max size, I have decided on something a little different in the Ancistrus.

    Thank you for any advice, screams of horror or anything else in advance

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  2. CaptainAquatics Well Known Member Member

    Ok, I assume the tank is 80 gallons? (correct me if im wrong). Anyway here is what I will say:

    Typically tetras should be kept in a school of 6 or more (although less can work, they just wont act the same). I would recomend you pick your two of your LEAST favorite schooling fish, get rid of that, and spread the tank space for more of the other tetras, for example:
    6 x Neon Tetra
    6 x Black neon tetra
    6 x green neon tetras
    6 x penguin tetra
    6 x Black emperor tetras
    6 x Purple emperor tetra
    6 x X-ray Tetra
    And the other fish.

    So you would remove the schools of Harlequins, and mosquito rasbora and make all the other schools have 6 fish (BTW I am just using Harlequins and Rasboras as example, remove whatever two schools you want). I think this tank will look really cool, just remember to add them slowly over time. Also, personally, I would replace the Betta (Siamese fighting fish) with a nice angel fish or something else that would be a bigger centerpiece, just my opinion :)

    Hope this helps, and welcome back to the hobby.

  3. pagoda New Member Member

    Hello Captain & thank you for your welcome & advice :)

    The aquarium is 74 litres, not sure what that would be in gallons, sorry :oops: Sadly anything larger would not fit in my home (My previous aquariums were humongous things, so the new one is a mere baby by comparison)

    I had wondered about numbers, the supplier has suggested 5+ so a little unsure tbh. I ran the numbers by them and they said my aquarium would be able to handle species/number per species+ variant

    I had a Siamese Fighter before, a Crown Tail, and he looked awesome.....and acted like the biggest show off too most of the time :rolleyes: which is why I have decided on another one this time (every aquarium needs a self obsessed diva and the Crown Tails do seem to act the part rather well :D )

    Obviously I still have a couple of weeks before my order goes in to change choices and numbers thereof, just wanting to get it right and avoid fishy standoff situations and temper tantrums amongst the plants :oops:

  4. Fanatic Fishlore VIP Member

    Hello, and welcome to fishlore!
  5. kallililly1973 Well Known Member Member

    That is going to look amazing with those schools I’m not a stocking pro but I like the above suggestion of removing 2 schools and the betta... for my centerpiece I would do a pearl gourami or 1 male and 2 females ... following. Good luck!!
    Edit: 74 liters only comes up to about 20 gallons so I think you may need to replay the stock.
  6. CaptainAquatics Well Known Member Member

    Hi. Ok, so I just converted liters to gallons and that would make your tank around 20 U.S gallons. If that is right your stocking would be WAY overstocked, sorry to say. You might be able to fit three or four schools of 6 fish in the tank with a betta (I dont think a angel would do good in a tank that size), or some sort of gourami. I would recommend only doing three schools, The pleco, and a centerpiece fish. Sorry to be a downer :(

    Also the picture looks like if it is a 20, it would be a 20 long. BTW Maybe you got the liter count wrong? IDK.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 17, 2019
  7. 86 ssinit Well Known Member Member

    Ok at 80gal those fish would be fine. But that tank is only 20gal so you’ve got way to many fish. The give away was the internal filter. Lol. Yes you need to reduce the fish count. Maybe 20 assorted tetras the betta and the bn pleco. Though thepleco may need a bigger tank.
  8. jjohnwm Well Known Member Member

    My first thought also was that this was an 80-gallon tank, and that it sounded like it would be a bit crowded for my taste. But...74 liters??? I suspect it will be difficult to find many people who would agree with that number of fish in a tank that size.

    Whatever you decide upon for stocking, make sure you check your levels carefully and confirm that your tank has completed its cycling before you begin adding fish. This will likely take longer than 2 weeks. You don't mention it you are planning to use fish to cycle the tank, or...?

    Congrats on your return to the hobby. I also had left for a number of years, and very much enjoyed my return. Hopefully you will as well!
  9. pagoda New Member Member

    Sorry for the misunderstandings on aquarium size :( I am from the UK so not au-fait with US measurements, I do apologise :oops:

    It is 80cm long x 42cm high x 32cm width :oops:

    The aquarium is on fishless cycle with Tetra Aquasafe & filter kickstarter, which will shorten the processes considerably. There will be no fish for another two weeks, minimum.

    I have taken note of the space issues and will be adjusting the species/types accordingly.....choosing will be hard though due to being totally spoilt for choice......I can see a second aquarium entering the fray in the not too distant future - maybe :rolleyes:
  10. Dawn Michele Well Known Member Member

    Welcome to Fishlore!!!
  11. pagoda New Member Member

    So...after much thinking & thunking, I have decided to drop my fish numbers dramatically when I order them on May 28. Reason for this is simple, there just ain't enough elbow fin room for everyone & I'se totally spoilt for choice and since I hate arguing, the numbers/species will be as follows :

    6 each of the following : Neon Tetra, Black Neon Tetra, Harlequin Rasbora & Cardinal Tetra

    1 Crown Tail Fighter

    1 Bristlenose Pleco
  12. Basil Well Known Member Member

    I also returned after about 30 years away. Really enjoying it the second time around!

    And so much new and improved equipment. I’ve replaced the stock LED and an old fluorescent light on 2 of my tanks for the Finnex planted 24/7.
    Such a cool light with sunrise, sunset, and moon light. And it’s all automatic; never have to turn bright lights on and startle the fish. :)
  13. scarface Fishlore VIP Member

    I personally don't see a problem with the new list, and I realize someone mentioned the minimum of 6 for "schooling" fishes, but I see a problem. The problem is it makes no sense, especially since new arrivals generally will have some casualties that might bring the numbers down. I always suggest one or two large schools. For your tank, I'd pick one shoaling species and make it 18-20.
  14. Basil Well Known Member Member

    Oh and I had to laugh. I call my 75 g my hooligan tank lol! It’s stocked with barbs and loaches and is quite the active and entertaining tank.
  15. pagoda New Member Member

    Sadly mine is a more basic beast that has the hood LED and nothing else....hence why I bought the Airlights too so that at night there is a more subtle light that will allow the fish (and me) to sleep and the Pleco to come out to play :)

    I shall go with the small numbers initially, watch how they all get along both with each other and the aquarium setup, then if one specific species or variant is doing really well and the others not, then I can add accordingly later on. As with everything in life, keeping hooligans in aquariums is not an exact science and best laid plans and wishlists often go out the window :)
  16. Aprilamy New Member Member

    Sounds pretty cool! Glad I’m not the only newbie!
  17. H2O Concierge Valued Member Member

    Just keep an eye out for Algae. With mine I needed to manually reduce the intensity and time that it was on.
  18. H2O Concierge Valued Member Member

    Welcome back to the school;). I had been just barely maintaining a 75g (284 L) while I was working, but now that I am retired I have jumped back into the deep end. I too am amazed at the variety and technical nature that maintaining an aquarium has become. I welcome it and am sure that our creatures in glass cages are better off for it.
  19. Basil Well Known Member Member

    I have them programmed for 9 hours of darkness. I’m getting a little algae but not too bad. Cleaning the glass during weekly water changes has, so far, kept it in check. Thanks!
    Last edited: May 20, 2019
  20. pagoda New Member Member

    Apologies for going awol, been absolutely snowed under with stuff

    Anyway, after 2 weeks of fishless cycling and regular water changes my aquarium welcomed its new family this morning

    After obtaining advice from my chosen supplier I have one very gorgeous L239 Blue Panaque that unlike previous Pleco's will not outgrow the aquarium, his max size is just 15cm and he is a glorious blue/black colour. With him are 4 types of very young Tetras, 6 of each Lemon, Neon, Black Neon & X-Ray.

    Sadly my Crown Tail Siamese was DOA, managed to get squashed under two bags of Tetras, so he was given a proper send off and my supplier is refunding on him. I may replace him in a month or two, not sure as yet.

    The fish are settling into their new home, lights are off apart from the green/blue of the Aquael Airlight. They'll be fed later tonight and from tomorrow morning I shall be using the overhead hood light for a max of 12 hours per day.

    I also have a couple of Assassin Snails since the aquarium has a number of squatters that came with the plants.

    So apart from the Crown Tail, everyone is fit and healthy and charging around the tank like lunatics :)