Rethinking 10g


So I was wanting to keep 6 white cloud mountain minnows and a honey gourami in a 10g. And then I remembered white cloud mountain minnows are cold water fish. So do you know of any centerpiece fish for a 10 gallon tank that are coldwater. I know it will be overstocked but I have a 25 gallon sponge filter on it and am looking into putting live plants in. One more thing, it can't be super rare of a fish. The closest fish store is really small. And I don't really want to pay 30 dollar shipping for a single fish. It could be stuff as rare as rams but not like a croaking gourami.


There aren't a lot of super showy and common coldwater fish that would fit in a 10 gallon as far as I can tell. Maybe a platy? Rocket killifish too, though that's on the rare side.

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