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I'm going to be moving twice this summer so I figured I would need to get a battery operated air pump. Eventually I decided to get one off of eBay and today it arrived.

Product: Resun DC Battery Aquarium Fish Tank Pond Oxygenation Air Pump + Air Stone & Tube

Price: $9.79 (USD) with free shipping.
The pump uses two D batteries and is rated at 1.8 L/min. The size of the pump is pretty average and the majority of the space is for the two large batteries. Overall it is has almost exactly the same footprint as my phone (Droid DNA). It is about 5" long, 3" wide, and sits 2 1/4" tall.

I placed the order on 4/27/14 and today it arrived 6 days later (5/3/2014) so that was pretty quick. It is labeled as standard shipping and it said that the very latest would have been the 6th so that was pretty good. The tracking was a bit strange to me at first. While they gave me a tracking number early on, it kept saying that it couldn't be found up until today. This morning I decided to check and that's when it finally popped up that it was in Charlotte and Out for Delivery. Originally I thought that maybe they made a typo with the tracking number but I think this is just what you get with "Standard Shipping" with USPS. It was shipped from California so overall it was a rather quick process from when I placed the order to when I received the package.

The packaging of the item was definitely lacking. As you can see below, it came in a simple dark grey plastic bag. There was no bubble wrap or anything like that.

Inside of the bag was a simple cardboard box and that was the extent of the packaging. The bottom of the box was a bit beat up but it was pretty minor. The box is slightly larger than the pump itself and is 6" x 2.5" x 3.5".

Inside of the pump I found 20 1/4" of standard airline tubing as well as a spherical blue airstone. The air line tubing is pretty useless on its own simply due to the length. Granted it was free but I will definitely need to use an adapter to link another piece of tubing or simply just not use it. Either way it will sit in my box of aquarium stuff and eventually get used for something.

The airstone is also not bad. I used the Resun pump with the included tubing and noticed that the bubbles were slightly larger than the airstones that I currently use (). I took some pictures below of the two air stones but with this camera it is a bit difficult. It still looks to me that the bubbles are smaller with the cylindrical air stone as opposed to the one that came with the pump. Even though the bubbles appeared a little bigger it still did a good job. I think this size airstone is pretty much the perfect size for this pump which makes sense.


Setting it up:
There were no paper directions but the instructions were on the side of the box so that wasn't an issue. Opening up the pump was very simple and all I had to do was turn the knob on the back and it opened right up (seen below). The edge of the lid has a rubber ring all the way around that fits very well. The knob is simply a piece that is attached to the head of the screw. That screw even has a small o-ring wrapped around it. I like this in that it tells you when it is snug so you don't over tighten it.

Putting the two batteries in was a bit tough at first but now I can get them in no problem. From there it is pretty easy to close the pump up. The only issue is that the wires on the right side that connect tend to get in the way so you have to watch out for those.

After putting in the batteries and closing up the pump I pressed the switch and nothing happened. At that point I tried a different pair of batteries and I got the same issue. Worried that I would have to send it back I drove to walmart and bought some new batteries. The batteries that I first used were a couple years old so I wasn't sure if that was the cause. Upon returning with the new set of batteries I took apart the pump and tried it out with the new batteries. I flipped the switch and I felt the motor move a little but that was it. At that point I pushed the diaphragm in and hit the switch again and it worked like a charm. I tested it with the original batteries and they are also working just fine so I ended up wasting $6 on the new batteries...

Power wise it does pretty well. For comparison, the Tetra Whisper 10 puts out just .5 L/min () while this one is rated at 1.8 L/min. Unfortunately I do not have a way of testing this so I'm just going to go with what it says. When it is on it is very quiet. It is just barely louder than my Tetra Whisper 10 which is very impressive. I have the Tetra Whisper 10 running 24/7 in my bedroom and can't even hear it. I also have an Azoo 2500 that is rated at 1 L/min and the Resun is far quieter. I actually have the Azoo in the living room because I couldn't sleep when I had it in place of the Tetra Whisper 10.

Overall I think the pump is great and I do not have any complaints about the pump itself. I do wish that the pump had come with better packaging but it did make it across the United States in one piece. I did get a bit of a scare when it did not work at first and I honestly don't know why that happened. Not sure if the motor needed a little extra juice since it was the first time it was being used but I'm very content with it so far. I would definitely recommend it for anyone that will be moving. The price is perfect at just under $10 which also includes the piece of airline tubing and the air stone. I don't think you will be able to find that anywhere locally at that price.
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