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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Tank Photos' started by Mike, Aug 29, 2007.

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    There is a photo size limit on the forum at 900kb. You can't upload a photo greater than 900kb in size or one that is over 2400 (width) x 1800 (height) in pixels.

    I found a website that allows you to upload an image and resize it. This is for those folks with the newer digital cameras that have huge resolutions. If you don't know how to resize your photos manually, use this website. It's easy and fast.

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    thanks alot
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    For Windows OS users, if you wish to resize your picture without uploading it on that site, you can upload it on the paint program which is located in the accessories folder. You can access it by clicking on the start menu->programs->accessories->paint. From there type ctrl+o or click file then open on the top menu, locate your photo and select open. Once uploaded, type ctrl+w or click image then resize on the top menu, now depending on how big your picture is you can resize it up to how many percentage you want. You can also crop using the tool bars on the left or design it the way you want to.

    I found it faster than uploading on the website provided by Mike.
  5. craigsankyoNew MemberMember

    You can also get the Microsoft XP power tool to resize images. I don't have the link on hand, but a quick google for "XP power tool image resize" should do the trick.
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    I'm all about using ;) It's a completely free open source program for image editing. And it is what I use to make my sigs.
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    Haedra: I use Gimp. I wouldn't recommend it for resizing images if that's all you're going to do. :p
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    for those of you with the option as well, u can use photoshop to retain the quality of your picture, but reduce it in size too. If you want to know how to go further let me know and I'll drop you a message about it.
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    Someone should post here something for windows 7 users thanks
    Preferring step by step most people would say I would think:)
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    this is awesome thanks
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    The picresize is nice and I use it often. I use flicker too because it's easier on a smartphone, less steps. I wish we could uploaddirectly into a post from a mobile device. I have to upload into my album then add the link which is a pain. I use other forums set up identicle to this one and don't have that problem. Is there a way to fix tha feature?
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    I'm pretty sure this has been brought up in new threads.
    It's something Mike is working on.
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    Ok, thanks.
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    I also use its idiot proof I know this cause I figured it out hehehe
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    Friendly bump and reminder.

    There's quite a few large images being uploaded recently.

    Please remember a number of members browse on their phone, tablet, mobile data etc, not to mention broadband internet is not equal the world over.

    Please consider re-sizing your image before posting to the forum, it helps everyone enjoy their experience here.

    Thanks all!
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    Thanks Ryan!

    I also use the link provided to re-size my photos by 75% and it works great.

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    Why can't I post and put pics on this site? I down loaded the app, plus I downloaded the talkatale app.

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    You just posted? The pictures are most likely too large and need to be resized first. We would quickly run out of disk space if we allowed full size image uploads from the newer cameras and phones.

    Try using this site to resize them:   and then try uploading a much smaller picture and see if it works.
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    Resizing? I don't have a computer, only a smartphone. Is there a way to resize on a phone?

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    I'm going to try this now.
    I want to share pics of my new tank