Resin Epoxy for crack filler?


Good evening,

My 810 litre tank's bottom cracked from the middle left side almost through the whole tank to the right with a turn... this was caused by an unstable stand.
Anyway, a friend gave me a plan to fix it with resin epoxy. I'm afraid for that cause I'm thinking it might be harmful to my fish.... so, what I was thinking now is this, filling the crack with resin epoxy, over the whole surface of tank to put a new floor over the cracked one and then to silicone it...

What do you think?
Any other way to get this fixed besides replacing the whole bottom since its a risk to damage more glass in the process of removing the damaged glass....

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The problem with glass sheet over it is to make its support correct. For example, if the epoxy makes a hump, this could cause a stress point on the covering glass. Even if it didn't, will the pressure on that new glass carry over to the support points (bottom and/or sides depending on construction) in exactly the same way.

If it were a small tank all this might be moot as the pressures and leverage (bending length of the pane of glass between supports) would be small compared to the weight. But that's a good size tank.

I would definitely find someone who builds tanks a LOT and get their opinion -- hopefully they will show up, if for no other reason than to correct me.


Tian, with that large of a tank, I would have someone or replace the bottom so you have no future issues, that's a lot of water that tank holds.


Here is only one guy who builds tanks. He is quite good in what he do but yeah.

He also suggested filling the crack (But with cilicone) and then puting a glass over it (6mm)

He said if we do replace the bottom, then their is a possibility of the side glasses to get cracked.
Also it's gonna cost me about 2000 to get the bottom replaced. The tank costed me 3550 (without packaging and transport from neighbour country)

So yeah. I'm really in a position of not knowing what to do. Wish this (not mentioning this word) situation can just come to an end that I can get a good night rest again.


I wouldn't spend over half the price of a new tank trying to do a risky repair. There's a decent chance you will spend that then ALSO need to replace the tank.

But I'm not a glass guy to understand how risky it is. Maybe ask him how he would bet -- how likely it will break?


That's the thing man.... The tank is quite cheap at 3550.... But i've checked my invoices earlier today again. The transport was 5100 and the crate i've let them build was 3300... So, the tank + to get it here is around 12000...

I've checked quite a lot of youtube videos today. Their are quite a lot of cracked tanks that got fixed by either cilicone or placing a glass over the crack. So yeah, I really do not know what I should do. It's a 50/50 risk the guy said from lfs. (to replace the bottom)
But i've scheduled a appointment with him for the weekend to come out and check the tank.

What I was also thinking now, is to leave the crack as is, then place a glass over the whole surface of the tank which will then make it equal level to the tank's braces. Then to put in new braces, horizontally and vertically all with 10mm glass (that's all which is available in namibia)
And then to place the tank on a 50mm countertop which is covered with plastic type thing all around and then seal the tank ontop of that. So then it will be 100% flat at the bottom for the whole tanks weight to press on + the crack is covered with glass and more reinforcement than what it currently have.

I really can't see a way for any of this to go wrong. Or am I not thinking straight now?


Hard to say; it sounds good, but water pressure has this way of surprising one. But with that kind of shipping cost...


That's the thing.... So I really don't know what to do. Both options are risky in short term and long term and I only have till Monday to figure out what I wanna do cause Monday all the shops are opening again then I want to get my stuff together and start fixing the tank. My cichlids hate me right now!

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